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Review of UNNS The Captivation


Author : Sapan Saxena

No of Pages : 244

Published by : Inspire India Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-85783-87-6

Published on : 18 March 2016

Genre; Romance Action Spy Adventure Thriller.

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My take 

Love thrills; at times it fails also. To love someone and to be loved by the same person may give buoyant vibes in our life. But when it fails the pain  hurts.
UNNS The captivation is  a story of Atharva Rathod, a maths prodigy turned sleuth  starting  his teenage to the age of 42.It is a tale of his journey blended with his  professional  life.
When I start to read the book I find myself floating through an entertaining story of love and duty.

The plot.  

Atharva Rathod , the protagonist , a student of a Coed school in an urban city near New Delhi is ,  studios and hardworking . Atharva meets Meher Qasim and it is love at first sight.Their love blossoms like a flower but due to the intervention of Meher ‘s parents she severs the  bond . She leaves for Germany and lives with her aunt.
He suffers from  Thrombophilia  for which he takes injection once in a month. His sufferings due to the disease would strike us to feel for him.
The next part of the story starts after 15 years.Now Atharva is an officer of RAW an Indian intelligence agency   and his boss is director Vasu.He is deputed to Munich  for a mission . Dev is his Senior officer.There he has to follow Professor   Miyaaz Sheikh  and collect information about his activities. There he happens to meet Meher again
She tells about her past that her mother has introduced  a boy to Meher .But the relationship does not materialize and she has to part with him.She is looking after her aunts hotel  business. Atharva desires to live with her.

Sleek and crisp blurb asks the following question

   Are they in control their own destiny , or is it their destiny which is           making them dance to it’s tunes  .
This teen aged lovebirds faces challenges in their adult  life . What are their struggles and hitches they face?How Atharva has got the next assignment to save the kid Ayaz in Belmount in the state of New Hampire. and the how far he is successful in the mission. For all these questions the book has got the answers.

The Pro

The unique 
 title UNNSThe captivation embossed along with a small branch of plant with two leaves and a flower would be a treat to your eyes. .The cover is exotic and the design is awe-inspiring  I like the recommendation of Anupam Sinha (India ‘s NO 1 Comic book writer.)

                       “Will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

With gorgeous prose and indelible characters this  tale speaks volume about the effect of love .   The dazzling plot holds our attention from the opening page to the stunning climax .Author has embedded the subplots with a seamless manner   which contribute a lot to make the reading an enjoyable one.Characters are professionals  and well placed.

There are  nearly 25 chapters having captions in Hinglish .Actually the book starts with the chapter namely   Meher in which Atharva tells about his diary where  he pens his stories. The printing and the bold font  make the read gratifying.

My favorite.

The  teenage buddies, Atharva and Meher love  each other and the portrayal of the same  is lively and lovely.I like the episode in which  the Intelligence officers want to see all the mails sent to the  professor and the modus operandi   employed through a mobile app .
 Gems of wisdom

Sometimes, it is worth living the dreams,  tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound.Sometimes its worth completing  when they stood up for. That is the best gift you can give  to the people you love.
They say you are the maker of your own destiny .Big words, like you make your own destiny. But no matter how hard you try if one person is not convinced, the entire direction of you life changes .

Hub, would mean the stage of attraction .it is when two people feel attracted to each other , but have not developed strong feelings for each other. This is followed by UNNS the sage of infatuation when people think they are in love but actually aren’t. It is merely attraction and captivation.

 I like   Dev as he is very organized  and supportive. The way the story is woven  astounds me as the author has crafted it with all the keenness.  The intrigue  and the methodology for carrying out  by the intelligence agency is well put in.
Also I like heart wrenching the story of Austrian weight lifter , Matthias Steiner .

My version

With a writing style  that is conversational most of the time. Sapan Saxena engrosses you in a wise combination romance and realism .I enjoyed the fast pace of the book .
It makes a  fun read for all . This book is worth every penny it costs You would be hooked from the first page Readers would feel the thrill and excitement  developed dud to the unexpected and unpredictable happenings. .with unflinching eyes only we have to read the book as the story flows very fast and we would get glued to the same.
Go and grab the book to  give yourself a treat of entertainment.

My Scoring ; 5/5

Disclaimer : I am the winner of the Goodreads giveawy and this is my honest and unbiased reveiw.


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Review of Messed up! But All for Love


No of pages :  162

Published by : Srishti Publishers &Distributors

Published on 2017

Genre :Youth Adult Romance Contemporary Thriller

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 My take 

I thank Writers Melon for having sent me the book in exchange my honest and unbiased review.  Romance is always the favorite genre all of for us.  Because we can relate to the story as every one comes across the phase of love in his /her life one or other time.When the novella  deals about the youth, their fun , playfulness pain and the joy we feel enthralled.

 Messed up !But All for Love is a clever book crafted with poignancy in the backdrop of a cosmopolitan city ie Delhi .This story is indeed a portray of lifestyle of present ultra modern metropolitans  who indulge in all sort of extravagance in the name of partying which include boozing etc.  Woven into the story are various lessons about love ,marriage, divorce and life.

The plot.

Neil the protagonist, 35 year old guy living in Gurgaon  tells his story in flashback in his first person narrative to Ganga, his boss. He has married Gauvri a dentist.His buddies are Tom, Jerry, and James.Jerry is an IT geek always in the pursuit an app.Rest of them are all employees with regular income. Gauri ‘s friend is Mehr.

Drishti ,an anchor with a news channel and her husband Somesh Sambhav Singh , a senior cop  are at the verge of their divorce, as she doubts he is flirting with a German girl ten years younger to him.

Gauri introduces Srinya,a fitness instructor to Neil as he wants to reduce his weight. Neil and his buddies go to Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan to spend their vacation and Gauri along with her friends go to Bangkok.Again for Thanksgiving they go to Cuba. Srinya also has come there to attend the same musical concert which Neil and his friends decide to attend.

Gauvri comes to know about the visit of Neil to the hotel where Srinya stays and she doubts he is developing a friendship with her. She pours out her insecurity to Neoil thru a letter.Meanwhile Mehr becomes closer to Jerry and Tom woos Srinya.

Gouri leaves for Chennai as she has to attend a Summit for dentists.That night Neil along with his friends go to Cyber Hub for drinks and music.After consuming so many rounds of whiskey  in an inebriate mood they created such a nasty and awkward scene it lands him in the soup.There starts the trouble which leads to so many problems . Then the  story moves at a fast pace.The twists and turns which occur would entertain you.

The Pro

The book starts with a Prologue, sectioned into three parts ending with an Epilogue. The colorful cover is enticing and It’s design allures me a lot. Sautrav Das has done a marvelous job.The title printed nicely gives a fascinating sensation. The images of a couple and a lonely girl give the hint  of a triangle love.

At the beginning the story  seems to go at a small pace but as the reading proceeds the tempo would be felt. It is a sure page turner. I know Hindi to some extent and hence I can follow the  conversations in Hindi. The chat with Radio Mirchi is given in Hindi and English.

The plot is good and  the sub plots are strong to hold the attention of the readers. Characters are realistic, intelligent,wise,hardworking,and ambitious  and their emotions and feelings are heartwarming. There is a sufficient space among them  which fact makes the read a gratifying one. The humorous elements the author has added in the otherwise tense social drama serve the purpose of coaxing the readers for a quick a read.

 The language is gripping and the story line is compelling.The narrative prose accompanied by poem here and there would touch you within. The tale covers all the facets of marriage  be love, adultery , infatuation , live in together without marrying , and infidelity . There is suspense and surprises to make you awestruck. The climax is a fitting  one .

I admire both Tom and Mehr as they stand with their friends through thick and thin .

My version

Arvind Parashar’s book has blown me away. His writing is superb and different"Till death do us part " This vow taken by the couple Neil and Gauri  shows  us the crux of marriage. He   emphasizes  this message with a louder voice.. He has span a tale to  engulf you in a blend of romance , realism , action,adventure , friendship. and crime .

Readers can find the story very much contemporary and they can enjoy the social drama due to its entertainment quotient.I recommend this book to both young and old people for a light read .
Don’t wait, but buy it immediately.

My rating:    5/5

Disclaimer: 'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.' 

Friday, 14 July 2017


Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti







My take

After having read the first book of Nisha Singh ,Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The witch of Senduwar I become a fan and admirer of the competent, confident and charismatic deductive like Sherlock Holmes .
Nowadays I am getting books in the genre ,youth action romance with city background and this fantastic novel has come as a great relief as the story happens in a village with religious atmosphere. I am fond of thrillers as we have to read them at a stretch due to the thrill with an element of suspense a sure page turner. Once I start the book means It  becomes hard to pull myself out of it still I finish and reach the climax .

Warm , fresh ,and elating thriller Bhrigu Mahesh Phd ,The return of Damayanthi is the story of an out-of -the -ordinary lady whose life history full of twists and turns makes for an excellent read.It is a splendidly intriguing novel about marriage , village life , and religion. It is also a brilliant heroic tale of Bhrigu Mahesh Phd, who unravels the  enigma attached to the unfortunate and unexpected happenings in the village utilizing his intellect and observation.

The plot

The book starts with a prologue, which tells about a person’s obsession with the palm leaves and  his quest for the answers to the puzzles they hold in Sanskrit and Pali.

There are three parts and the first part consists of 22 chapters ,second one from 23 to 42 , and the third one from 43 to 50. Each one carries a suitable title. The book ends with an epilogue.and a flash file.

Seetle ,buddy of Bhrigu Mahesh tells the story in his first person voice and in flashback .

Nataraj Bhakti a retired head clerk from the village Krishna Dwar, famous for its temples approaches Bhrigu Mahesh PhD as he has become a deeply troubled man due to a truant phantom that of Damayanti,his dead wife, and he wants to save him from  clutches of it’s  shackles. He arranges Manjunath Gupta, his neighbour to bring him to the village. While they are traveling in the train he talks about Bhakti’s family members.

Chiranjeevi is his younger brother and Premkala his wife.Savita is the youngest member and she has come back to the village with her only son after her married life become sour.
Neelu is Manjunath’s wife. Pchay Mishra ,a Bandit is Chirenjeevi’s friend.
Bhrigu Mahesh starts his investigation and collects information from his family members and others .  
 As per the short and honest blurb, a woman gets brutally murdered .
Who is the woman and by whom she is murdered?
What is the motive of such a gruesome crime?
Such sort of questions arise and the readers should read the book to get the answers.

The Pro

The title and subtitle are eye- catching and the design is majestic.
The strong and well -thought out plot makes you glued to the book . There are so many subplots which culminate in the main one to get a dainty ending with suspense and surprise.

Nisha Singh has woven the concept of complexity of marriage in a fantastic manner to make it intriguing .The language is splendid, free flowing and the narrative prose with even pace is sometimes poetic and the rest engrossing and entertaining.
The characterization is superb.. There is no plethora of characters but minimum and they are smart, wise and realistic. We can relate to them as our neighborhood friends.

By the dense and lengthy discussions and discourses the authoress has put in every word  after meticulous carefulness to highlight her views and opinions in a prominent presentation .They  would lead us to a lot of dialogues and they make a great impact in our mind.

She has concocted a strange mixture of inexpiable mystery with social drama to present a tale of revenge and heart wrenching psychological thriller.
The imaginative depicting of scenes in their true colours to the delight of the reader would enthrall him a large extent. The songs of the sparrow and the beauty of lilies and roses tell a lot about the love of the authoress towards nature.

Sutte ,a bragger by his wisecracks in the form of a one liner, jovial and sarcastic some times make the tale move in the smooth manner.. His ludicrous comments titillate your ribs to a spontaneous laughter.
The family saga has got all the elements of thrill , love, friendship enmity romance ,crime ,resentment and jealousy.

My favorite

Pearls of wisdom

Marriage of materilasation of sympathy between people two people and nothing else.

There is no house on this planet that has never seen a fight.

Conversations has a way of easing burden and taking your mind off the most tiresome of routines.

A happy man is always living in a happy world and a sad man often laments what a cruel world it is.

One should always value oneself because that’s how we grow into better people.

It is mostly in these little details where lies the biggest of mysteries.

I like the tactics by Bhrigu Mahesh to collect true facts from the people. He knows where it hurts and works. Especially I admire his effort to trap Pandit Parichay Mishra by camouflaging as a laborer and speaking in slang .

Also, I admire  Savita for her wits and wisdom. She is a model for woman empowerment.
I sympathizes with Neelu as her mental sufferings melt our heart.We can see many a woman like her whose sufferings go unnoticed ,and unresolved.

My verdict

Nisha Singh , the authoress has done a bang-up job in bringing out a wonderful whodunit . Her spectacular writing style and masterful portrayal of characters in a believable,unpredictable context make the reading a pleasing experience.She ,as a feminist has highlighted the deep rooted gender problems like women discrimination, disparity,exploitation and inequality prevailing in our society .She has got the forte to create the thrill and the spine chilling effect with her expertise in unfurling the shocking knots with perfect coherence.
 For the readers the journey in this family saga is an enjoyable one.They get a lot of insights about marriage and religion The story would get a great impact in your life. The thrill would last for a long time.

I recommend this book to lovers of thrillers and you feel the fullest satisfaction once you finish the book . It is a wonderful buy worthful of  every penny .

Don’t wait. Go and buy the book.Pamper yourself with a wonderful treat of a classic thriller.

Kudos to Nisha Singh for this unique outstanding classic novel and with eagerness I await your next book.

My scoring 5/5

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No of pages : 138

Distributed by : Power -Publishers .com

Published on : April 2017

Genre : Youth Adult Contemporary Fiction

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Mrs. Kumar, an award winning film director, is being interviewed! She shares the vivid colours of Chikki's journey and how that retarded journey which commenced with sheer wilderness accelerated into top gear, as the sinusoidal wave of life questioned even the absolute existence of her. Is this for real, is it happening too quickly, is she able to come out of the maze or the monstrous wave of life strikes time? Even if you have dreamt of a little something then fasten your seatbelt for this enthralling journey where the pattern of life will unfold, so very magnificently!

Kilol-Bruges Express:The Fading Nomad is the story of Chikki,  a teen age girl from the village of Kilol 60 Kms away from Delhi.who has lost her father when she was very  young. Her mother dies due to TB . At that time she has finished her board exams and joined a college in Delhi to study Bachelors in English. There she joins Cafe Coffee Day . Radha , an Mukti  her colleages at the CCD join her and they rent a small apartment near their college There she meets Rahul and they get married. Their married life starts at Florida .So goes the story.

About the author

Ackshat Deoli is a freelance writer whose only passion is writing fiction. He has written for many illustrious clients as well as services and has already published a short story 'Murder in Orange County'. From a very small age, Ackshat was driven to books like a moth to a flame but he never knew that he wanted to be a writer until he wrote a short story and really loved the process of framing a story. Ackshat believes that a book is dead when he completes it and thus, doesn't necessarily cherishes the end product! He likes the climb, the beginning, the struggles and finally, light at the end of tunnel. Kilol Bruges Express: The Fading Nomad is pretty close to his heart, as Ackshat feels that writing this book has really changed his outlook towards life. (less)

My review

Kilol-Bruges Express:The Fading Nomad is the story of Chikki,  a teenage girl from the village of Kilol 60 Kms away from Delhi.who has lost her father when she was very  young. Her mother dies due to TB . At that time she has finished her board exams and joined a college in Delhi to study Bachelors in English. There she joins Cafe Coffee Day . Radha , an Mukti  her colleagues at the CCD join her and they rent a small apartment near their college There she meets Rahul and they get married. Their married life starts at Florida .So goes the story.

Ackshat Deoli  has penned this story with a lot of elan and enthusiasm  which fact reflects in the whole book. it is a story of Chikki an orphan and her precocious achievements against all the odds.  The author has made it an enjoyable read by his rhetoric of prose  and  a strong plot with drama and suspense.Yes, there are so many deplorable and stressful situations and circumstances in Chikki's life. But she handles them with a lot of maturity ,wit and wisdom.

The author has given so much attention  to not only  Chikki's actions but also to her thoughts. He has projected her as a self -made celebrity.Her aim is to become a great author like Agatha Christie, H.W.Longfellow or Ruskin Bond.She becomes a manager in the Cafe coffee day  and she wins second prize from an entry she has sent to the Brussels Literature fest. There is a poem given in the page no 88 and it is nice.

The book carries all the elements of youth fiction like romance,  love,  lust,betrayal, adultery , pain and success. The language is so superb which keeps me  hooked and it serves as a page turner .The conversations are lively and lovely  You would feel the story is happening  in front of you as a tale. 

Mrs Kumar (Chikki) tells the story    in an interview by Sahni . for English speaking audience .Overall the book is a fantastic read for all . I recommend this book to all fiction lovers.

My rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from the author  in exchange of my honest and unbiased review 

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No of pages ; 288

Published by ; Manjul Publishing House

Published on 2017

ISBN 978-81-8322-796-4

Genre Non Fiction Self Help

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How positive thinking can change your life and help you reach your goals, by the bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language'. Allan and Barbara Pease are the internationally renowned bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language' and 'Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps' and have sold over 27 million books. In 'The Answer', international bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease share all of the tips and wisdom they have learned on their own journey to success and show readers how it is possible to achieve their goals. You will learn how to: - Set and action clearly defined goals - Overcome obstacles, regardless of what others think, do or say - Take responsibility for your life circumstances - Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmation - Deal with stress, fear and worry - Never give up. This accessible and practical guide will help readers take control of their life, become the person they want to be and deal with obstacles and challenges no matter how difficult they may seem.

About the Author 

Allan & Barbara Pease are the most successful relationship authors in the business. They have written a total of 15 bestsellers--including 9 number ones--and give seminars in up to 30 countries each year. Their books are available in over 100 countries, are translated into 51 languages and have sold over 25 million copies. They appear regularly in the media worldwide and their work has been the subject of 9 television series, a stage play and a No.1 box office movie which attracted a combined audience of over 100 million

Allan Pease 

Allan Pease is an Australian author and motivational speaker. Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an "expert on relationships".

Originally a musician, he became a successful life insurance salesman, he started a career as a speaker and trainer in sales and latterly in body language. This resulted in a popular sideline of audio tapes, many of which feature his irreverent wit.

His best-selling book Body Language brought him international recognition. It has been followed by several others. He is quite well known in Australia and during the 1980s he was an occasional TV analyst for political debates where he would analyze the body language and overall performance of the contestants.

My take
Everyone is born with the fire in his/ her belly  to achieve  a successful life and self help books  offer tasty and nutritious  food in the form of tips and steps. The desire to  improve myself always is so strong that I feel delight at the very sight of books belong to this genre.Once I become a binger to them.

"THE ANSWER How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want To Be" gives us  practical   guidelines along with insightful perspectives to make us what we want to be.   This book reigns supreme over the bestseller charts as it stands tall  due to sharing of wit and the wisdom by Allan and Barbara Pease  so as to enable us to  achieve goals and realize our ambitions by reprogramming our mindset . The strong blurb of the book  declares such an assurance and reading the book I feel  enlightened

Social and Historical context 

This is an accessible and practical guide that will help you take the first step and show you how to discover what you want from life, then make it happen. 
On the back side of the cover  we can read  the above sentence.  The book holds all the motivational, inspiring and effective steps to find the purpose of life and lead a happy , peaceful and successful life.
The title THE ANSWER itself  speaks about the optimistic outlook as we have got several questions in our mind in respect of our sufferings, failures and setbacks and there is a wide gap between what we are to what we want to be.I find the core theme of the book is Goal setting .
How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want  to Be is the question   and the book has got THE ANSWER.
There are 16 chapters beginning with an introduction and ending with a reference page.They carry a captain each and I give below some of them.

Revealing the Secret of the RAS
Decide what you want
 Set Clearly Defined Goals

The book tells about the functioning of our brain and  its influence on  our behavior and hows to  of altering  it  for achieving our goals . It carries the inspiring quotes from international  acclaimed authors  like Hunter S, Thompson Napoleon Hill , Thomas Edison Jim Carrey. and Sigmund Freud The  true stories  which give a clear picture  and  practical approach  give hope to all of us.There are drawings diagrams and pictures  to make the reader perceive  the concepts.There are also summaries which help us to get the whole chapter  in a nutshell .

The book describes the secret of RAS  (Reticular Activating System )Clearly defining goals , taking responsibility ,  the Art of visualization and other topics related to our development.
The book  is co authored by both of them it is written in the first person as Allan to make the reading easier.

The pro
Flipping through the book makes me feel motivated and charged with the highest degree of intensity .It  instigates  me to introspect myself  and come to a better self realization. The language of Allan and Babara Pease is direct ,  honest ,  and intelligent.They have highlighted important points . The narrative prose  is excellent  and it makes the reading a joyful and beneficial experience. The ideas are powerful  and informative . There are so many advices given in bold letters which would open our eyes.
I give below some of them
Your RAS can either work for you or against you ,   it depends entirely on what you think about .
Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head .
The darkest room often holds the greatest treasure .

The Authors stress some crucial  points which would boost your confidence and happiness.
1. Handwriting your list is so important.
2. Decide in advance that when tragedy strikes, you will pull yourself out of it
3. When you set your goal and create a plan with a deadline , take that first step and move forward -despite what others may think , say or do.

There are alarming, but adventurous stories giving testimonial  to the steps for improving our we can  attitude . These stories relate to Robert, a teenager living in Europe who dreams of helping the underprivileged  , Hank, who wants to climb Uluru as a goal  and W.Mitchell aged 27 who met an accident leaving him burned 65 percent of his body.

There are so many charts  which would serve as a tool for monitoring your progress and many lists for hobbies etc  for your ready reference and illustrative purpose . You can utilize them and follow up your goals.The pace is simply fast and you can have a comfortable read as the book is well organized.Cover design by Aaditya Rakheja is fantastic.

My favorite 
I like the chapters Play the numbers Game and Overcoming Fear and Worry. The true story of the Authors Allan and Barbara Pease  in which they described their goal  to have two new healthy children  and how they could achieve the same by proper planning and putting in sufficient efforts. Their poignant ordeals would melt our heart.

My version.
ALLAN and BARBARA PEASE  the internationally renowned best selling authors of The Definitive Book of Body language and Why men don't listen &Women can't Read Maps  have crafted this book with meticulous research and punctilious to details and this best seller  holds the nuggets of wisdom to make a great impact on your life . Their expertise coupled with hard work  in writing successful relationship books has made this one   a best seller as they have written a total of 16 best sellers, including 9 number ones and give seminars in 30 countries each year.

Readers who are in search of  the life changing mantra , would find this book a good lifetime companion as it proposes honest and effective  steps to reach our goals.  Bibliophiles would love this book for ornamenting their book shelves.

All youngsters should read this book and refurbish their life to seize  their  goals refocusing on their strength  instead of obstacles  .Parents should recommend this book to their children . Teachers and students would find the book a boon for changing their lives.

I highly  recommend this book to all .

My score: 5/5

Disclaimer : I have won this book in Good reads Giveaway. It is my honest and unbiased review.   

Review of UNNS The Captivation

Author : Sapan Saxena No of Pages : 244 Published by : Inspire India Publishers ISBN : 978-93-85783-87-6 Published on : 18 Ma...